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Being good at communicating in any language is not about borrowing someone else's tools or methods, it's about finding and nurturing your own and expressing who you are and what you stand for. This reflected in every conversation you have, every presentation you give, report you write and in every telephone call you make.

O Shea can help you to find your feet.

Do you have an important interview coming up? We can help you prepare and find the language you need to make the best impression and land that job or promotion.

Would you like t o be able to speak up at meeting? Do you go over every sentence you'd like to say in your own language first and by the time you've come up with the perfect answer or comment the moment has gone? We can help you to start thinking in English and come up with what you would like to express in the way you'd like to express it.

Would you like support preparing for your Cambridge Exams? Let us go through the exam format with you and train you to achive the grade you need.

Have faith in your learning style

Some people learn by sitting down and listening, but not very many of us. You are encouraged to speak and listen back to the way you express yourself. You are encouraged to form your own opinion, find humour and make plenty of mistakes during your learning journey. You will find the words and vocabulary that suit you best so that this vocabulary becomes part of who you are without having to hesitate or search for the right thing to say at the right time while translating this into two languages beforehand.

Cambridge Exam         Practice

Would you like some guidance while preparing for your Cambridge exam at school or for work?

You can practice the skills you need to work on for these exams, speaking, reading, listening and writing using official exam materials and exam papers.

Distance Learning

You can create your own learning environment at the touch of a button. Using the many digital tools available you can learn at home or on the go.

You can review your writing, practice pronounciation, or have grammar explained at your own pace.

Face to face    

It's always fun to connect and learn face to face. You can participate in a group or have private lessons. In a group you are part of a group who will provide plenty of laughter and feedback as you trek through tenses and tons of vocabulary. In individual classes you can focus more on your specific language needs.

Digital copywriting  

Would you like to be sure that your business message is being translated properly?

We will help you make sure that the essence of what you have to say is kept and communicated in the type of language you use.

Corporate kick-offs

Would you like to inject some energy into your corporate event? We offer 30-40 minute sessions to ignite fun and passion using interactive digital and face to face team games on language, culture and communication diversity.

The themes of these workshops can range from what statements in business really mean to how to curse in the Irish language.

Executive communication coaching   

Would you like to work on how you communiate with the staff you work with and participate confidently in meetings and corporate situations?

We will help you find your voice to make sure that you represent yourself and your business without losing your identity or your particular spark.


ablity to connect

When Máire enters the room full of students, her energy and sense of humour break the ice immidiately. We worked together as trainers/coaches with Korean and Chinese flight attendants, where Máire's abllity to connect and make you feel safe to learn and explore, was extremely pleasant. The effect of Máire's disguarding way of communicating is that everone wants to be fully in the process of learning and interacting. Taking a bow and thanking you, Máire!

- Phoebe Balsing, KLM Corporate Trainer, Developer and Coach, Inflight Purser.

" leerde me mijn persoonlijke verhaal te vertellen"

Ik hoorde op vrijdag dat ik op maandagochtend onverwacht een international sollicitatiegesprek zou hebben. Ik twijfelde over mijn Engelse taalvardigheid, maar waar zou ik zo lastminute nog een taaltrainer vinden? Ik vond Máire, een enorn ervaren taalvoach die me op zaterdagochtend via Skype hielp mijn language skills te versterken.

Ze deed echter veel meer dan dat. Ze liet me inzien wat overtuigened solliciteren betekent. Ze leerde me mijn persoonlijke verhaal te vertellen en gaf me het vertrouwen dit verhall met overtuiging en humor te brengen. Ik heb in 2 uur nooit zoeeel geleerd (en gelachen) als met Máire. Wat een prachtvrouw! Ik zou haar aan iedereen aanbevelen.

- Michelle Veugelers, Innovert leren binnen O.A. de Universiteit Utrecht/ Oprichter van een nieuwe school.

"I learned more in those three hours than I did in ten years"

For a job interview I had to find someone who could help me with my English . I was very lucky to find Máire who was willing to help me out almost immediately. Máire not only taught me to use the right words but also taught me a lot about the psychology of an English conversation. I learned more in those three hours than I learned in the past ten years. So during the interview I was not simply translating words in another language, but I knew perfectly well what I wanted to say and to be secure about my English skills. The result was a good interview in English in which I was able to improvise easily. It was great fun working with Máire. Because of her patience and support the job interview for me was an inspiring thing to do. She really helped me out, quick and professionally and also in a personal and nice way. And last but not least: she is a great and nice person. I would highly recommend Máire as a teacher.

-Annemarie Postma ,Beleidsadviseur/projectleider Onderwijs (tegengaan lerarentekort, gemengde scholen), gemeente Utrecht